JRM Medical Services

24 hour/7 Day Emergency Service
JRM Medical Services offers emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many repairs can be on site but when shop repair is necessary, we provide pick-up and delivery service. In non-emergency situations you may want to take advantage of our cost saving mail-in program for shippable items. Normal business hours are 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday.

JRM will repair your medical and scientific equipment and insure proper operation. Our testing equipment is certified yearly to NIST standards to insure that your equipment is accurate. We can perform electrical and mechanical safety testing so that your equipment meets State, Local and JCAHO regulations.

Preventive Maintenance program
Preventive maintenance should be performed on regular basis. Safety checks should be performed at least once per year and can be coupled with a preventative maintenance inspection. During the preventative maintenance, mechanical parts are inspected and serviced or replaced as needed. Electrical safety testing is done to insure user and patient safety. A good preventive maintenance program:

  1. Extends equipment life
  2. Reduces downtime
  3. Increases operator confidence
  4. Allows for planned replacement
  5. Allows your facility to pass local, state and JCAHO regulations.

Annual service contracts are available for a wide range of biomedical instruments.

Expert Technicians
Technicians at JRM come from a wide variety of backgrounds, each lending their own unique experience and specialties to get the job done. Through an ongoing program of manufacturer and onsite training, they are given the skills and knowledge to keep your equipment operating at its best. Safety is also a main priority and they complete a yearly certification on Blood-borne Pathogens.

JRM Services works with:
- Hospitals
- Physicians offices
- Clinical labs
- Dental offices
- Chiropractic offices
- Dialysis clinics
- Physical therapy
- Research labs
- Universities and Schools
- Water treatment labs
- Pharmaceutical facilities
- Environmental labs